Licensed Bakery (PA Department of Agriculture) offering

Baking, Workshops, & More

Workshops for Young Bakers
Ages 6 to 16
We come to your location or party

Learn to decorate pre-baked goods!
Cupcakes, Decorative Cookies, Cookie Cakes
Includes all tools and supplies
Custom themes to suit your event available

Perfect for birthday parties at home or at other venues. Minimum 4 attendees are required. Packages start @$20/seat. 

Young Bakers

Sample Workshops

Here are some examples of workshops offered to young bakers. Can be customized for several themes and ages.

Prices start @$20/seat

For Adult Bakers

Private group event packages available (BYOB & Bake)

Ideal for family get togethers, ladies night outs, birthdays at home or other venue. Perfect for BYOB and Decorate. Can be customized based on event or theme. Packages start at $25/seat or $40/couple.

Looking For
Special Occasion Desserts?

Crave-Yard offers a wide range of desserts that you can cater for. Customization available to suit your occasion and cravings. Check out the Catering Menu

About me

Determined to bake your dreams come true!

A Warm Welcome!

My name is Neelam Samant and I am the Chief Baking Officer at Crave-Yard. I am a self made baker with 30+ years of a baking perfection journey. I love the pace of self learning and practicing until I perfect complex desserts. Yep, I self taught and perfected the complex French Macarons recipe just over a couple months. I firmly believe that a "good" dessert must taste unforgettably delicious and look gorgeous at the same time.  I am my true critic and that's how I get better at baking. With the right coach (aka me), willingness to learn, and proper technical training, you can bake equally well too!

In my workshops, I share carefully crafted and highly successful recipes with you, but more importantly, I teach you techniques that give you a great head-start into being a confident and skilled baker. I bake side by side with you teaching you the "how to".

There is an important aspect you should know Crave-Yard. I redirect large % of profits to "Baking Smiles", a non profit organization. I run this NPO and will soon be offering free workshops to "Special Needs" folks that are interested in learning to bake. My hope is to help them with building confidence and outstanding baking skills that can help them in their personal lives or help their dream to become a professional baker one day.  

I can't wait to make your baking dreams come true!

Thank you and now let's get working!



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